The Brand Storytelling Workshop - 11 MAY 2017


(Visit me at www.amandablum.com) IF YOU'VE EVER SAID:

  • How do I attract people to what I do?
  • How do I build a strong brand that's authentic to who I am?
  • How do I tell my brand story?
  • My company has a great story but I don’t know how to share it
  • How does brand storytelling work, anyway?
  • How do I communicate what I do?


I address all those questions and wondering statements, helping you find your story and give life and meaning to your brand.

BECAUSE ESSENTIALLY, our minds are hardwired for stories, and yet, it breaks my heart that so few entrepreneurs embrace their AUTHENTIC brand stories.

Not only does everyone have a story to tell, but the stories we tell anchor our understanding of why we do what we do and the value we offer to the world. Our stories help us attract the right people for all the right reasons.

Stories are more than just “engaging content” – fundamentally, our stories are our strategies. Our stories are our brand. They are the soul and purest message of what we do.


A blend of brand discovery and storytelling methodology, you’ll delve into your brand and get a whole new take on how stories define your brand and your content marketing in a way that feels “right” and real and distinctly YOU.

You will:

  • Explore your brand

It’s about taking time out to really examine all the areas that make you, YOU. Your uniqueness, your selling point, your Story

  • Learn the storytelling methodology

Get the techniques and apply them

  • Develop your story

No “theories” here. We’ll be working directly on your story in the workshop so you make real progress on your brand

  • Make a plan of action

What’s next for your brand and business? Name it, call it, get direction + hold yourself accountable for taking action on it

  • Get fired up with the group dynamics

The workshop is interactive and consensus building – the chemistry, discovery and feedback in the sessions are so cool (just watch the video)

What to expect

You’ll laugh, learn and discover, that’s for sure. You’ll have ah-ha moments and maybe some emotional moments that’ll have me passing you a box of tissues. It happens a lot in this workshop.

Why? It’s a place to explore and connect deeply. I help you peel back the layers, hunting for your truth. When you find it, you’ll know it.

Sometimes it’ll transform your strategy. Other times it’ll surface where you need to put in the work. Either way, it’ll give you the spring board to move your brand forward.

Join us!

Thu May 11, 2017
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM SGT
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TBC Singapore
Amanda Blum